Volume 19, Number 2
Winter 2003 Research Bulletin of the Supercomputing Institute

Supercomputing Institute Programs

Travel Award Program

Geoffrey Compère (left) and Professor Jeff Derby.

Geoffrey Compère, a student at the Université Catholique de Louvin (UCL) in Louvain-le-neuve, Belgium, spent four months at the University of Minnesota doing research with the research group of Professor Jeff Derby, Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science and Supercomputing Institute Fellow. Mr. Compère is applying three-dimensional, parallel finite codes to model Bridgman crystal growth of cadmium zinc telluride, in conjunction with ongoing research in the Derby group. The project is aimed at understanding the result of various symmetry- breaking imperfections in this system, such as a tilting away of the central axis of growth from the gravitational vector. The results of this research are among the first of their kind. Mr. Compère is part of the research group of Professor Derby’s collaborator at UCL, Professor François Dupret. His visit was funded under the Supercomputing Institute’s Travel Award Program, which provides funds for short-term visits of research collaborators or visiting research scholars to the University of Minnesota in order to perform collaborative supercomputing research with university faculty members. Further information about the Travel Award Program can be found at the Supercomputing Institute’s Web site: www.msi.umn.edu/general/Programs/